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It borders the Central Volcanic Mountain Forest Reserve, part of which is within the canton, the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Reserve, the Braulio Carrillo National Park and La Selva Biological Reserve .Although traditionally its main activities revolved around agricultural activities such as coffee, corn and cocoa.

Also cardamom, citrus, banana, hearts of palm, fruit trees and livestock, currently the cultivation of pineapple is emerging as one of its main activities and an emerging tourism industry attracted by its exuberant nature, the rain forest  and the kindness and cordiality of its inhabitants.

How to get to Sarapiqui?

To reach the area, less than 100 km from the capital city, there are 3 main routes:

  1. By the traditional route or route of the heroes, by Vara Blanca, where you can see the San Fernando and La Paz waterfalls, primary forest mountains, rivers and volcanoes.
  2. On the Braulio Carrillo road, crossing the National Park of the same name, an area of ​​great exuberance and great landscapes.
  3. For the canton of San Carlos, in Alajuela, where agricultural crops such as pineapple, hearts of palm and ornamental plants are observed.