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Sustainability Sarapiqui

Aventuras del Sarapiquí works to achieve sustainability, in addition to integrating its employees and visitors to learn about the importance of the proper use of natural resources. We participate in the evaluation of ICT Sustainability Department and we have received 3 of the 5 sustainability sheets. This recognition is a great responsibility that motivates us to continue with our commitment to conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Due to the amount of water that falls annually in Costa Rica, our guides practice on the river 365 days a year. Our guides have also participated in many international and national competitions, such as the Latin American Rafting Championship, the White Water Camel Challenge, the World Rodeo Kayaking Championship and many others. Aventuras del Sarapiquí takes pride in its reputation as a leader in the industry and of working with clients of all ages, abilities and parts of the world.

  • Non-reusable sheets are placed in the respective box to be donated to paper recyclers.
  • Containers are used to fill products such as sugar, salt, milk among others.
  • When you buy a piece of furniture, buying furniture from uncertified woods is illegal, so you must ask the seller’s permission before making the purchase.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products
  • For infrastructure facilities, sunlight for lighting offices, equipment storage, loading and unloading area, changing rooms, showers and toilets is used.
  • Sort garbage according to the type of recyclable material you own.
  • When possible, use both sides of the paper to avoid wasting white paper.