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Blue flag program

The Sarapiquí River is one of the most valuable and beautiful in the region, and is also one of the cleanest rivers in Costa Rica. This river rises in the Braulio Carrillo National Park and covers a distance of 85 kilometers, most of which have towns and roads nearby. This river is the epicenter of the tourist activity of the region. Today Sarapiquí is consolidated as a tourist destination not only for its nature, but for the adventure, being recognized as one of the favorite rivers for the Rafting in Costa Rica.

To protect the river, the community organization was created to belong to the Blue Flag program, in the MicroNacientes category. Bandera Azul is a successful Costa Rican program for beach protection. It was extended to 11 different categories related to environmental education, public health and environmental protection. Sarapiquí won its first prize of one star in 2012. In 2014 the area grew from 12 to 27 km, covering the entire route used by tourists. On the fourth occasion, the region gets the 5 stars, the highest category. In 2015, we managed to maintain 4 stars. Blue Flag has become a model that guarantees the protection and conservation of this important tributary for future generations.