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Adventure Based Learning

Team building

Adventure based Learning is a type of educational and / or therapeutic program in which the use of adventure activities of physical and / or psychological demand are used in a framework of security and skills development, to promote interpersonal and intra-personal growth. personal.

Adventure-based learning offers learning opportunities and experiences in totally unique social and geographical settings.

Through participation in multi-dimensional learning activities, individuals access a medium that allows them to test themselves and, as a result, they gain greater self-awareness about their strengths, weaknesses and character.

What characterizes our programs:

  • It is experiential: There is nothing more relevant to oneself than the experience itself. Learning directly from personal experience inscribes a sense of ownership to that learning that allows to fix it in a permanent way.
  • The perception of the risk that accompanies the adventure activities leads the group towards a state of emotional predisposition (state of flow) that conveniently accompanied, favors the learning process sensibly
  • The unconventional nature of the activities, the problems to be solved and work scenarios stimulate the emergence of conditions of interdependence and group cohesion that are difficult to reproduce in other educational contexts.
  • The direct relationship between causes and effects. The consequences of the actions are easily observable, which favors the critical analysis of the experience. On the other hand, the possibility of including several cycles and activities on which to be reflected (eg, adventure race), allows to identify naturalized patterns of behavior and the immediate consequences of these patterns.
  • The learning is generalizable. The experiential learning technique allows to establish links and relationships between activities and daily life. For its part, the powerful metaphors that emerge from the activity of adventures help to understand complex concepts in a simple and forceful way.
  • The contact with nature transforms. We all experience the effects of being outdoors and in contact with nature. When we are in this environment something happens internally almost spontaneously. In this sense, a good choice of scenarios can be decisive when achieving extra-ordinary results.
  • Because it’s fun! The game is the fundamental resource in this methodology. This is a fundamental ingredient for motivation and commitment to the learning process. The possibility of “learning while playing” undoubtedly stimulates the attitude of getting involved fully to continue learning.

Our consultant will be responsible for understanding the needs and challenges of the team in their real environment (business) to design and implement a program that is meaningful, relevant and high impact for the team.