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Corporate Adventure Race

Team building

Definitely, this will be an extraordinary and memorable experience for your team.

The expectation, the adrenaline, the stage, the motivation, the team effort, the tension, the victory, and of course the fun, will be some of the greatest exponents of this day.

An Adventure Race is a sportive and competitive discipline in small teams (5 or 6 members), which consists of successfully completing a series of “adventure challenges” in a set time limit.

Beyond the physical condition (because we design it so that ALL can participate), the strategy and effectiveness when making decisions and solving problems is the key to success, therefore, the feeling of success at the end is shared by all teams for the sole fact of having completed it.

The race is structured in a way that allows the process of the experience as a learning scenario:

  • Opening Ceremony: Welcome, video presentation of the Professional Adventure Race, conversations about the performance of the teams in this activity. Leveling of expectations and alienation of intentions towards work teams. Team formation for the race.
  • Instructions and technical talks: The instructions and rules are presented and the competition material is given (race guide, map, compasses, etc.). The teams divide their members to attend the technical talks, then share the knowledge with their team. Rapid strategic alignment session of each team before the game.
  • The race: The disciplines or challenges of adventure are defined according to the characteristics of each group (intensity, objectives of the process, number of participants, time available, budget, etc.).