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Canopy Tour


On this tour you will enjoy a beautiful tropical forest of 114 hectares, besides the Sarapiquí river,which we will cross twice in the journey. As in the other tours, you will be accompanied by experienced guides, using the highest quality equipment.

About the team

The entire Canopy team is from the Petzl brand, a French brand. Includes the TRAC pulley model, Pandion model harness, Ecrin Rock helmets, M72 metal carabiners.


  • The group is received by our guides in the base camp of Aventuras del Sarapiquí, where you can find bathrooms and rooms to change. Those who arrive in private vehicles should leave them here, and we will transport them to the departure point.
  • Once at the starting point, each person receives their equipment, which will be adjusted by the guides. The guides will explain safety rules and instructions.
  • The tour lasts around 2 hours. Includes 14 lines between aluminum platforms and from ground.
  • Among the trees used for our tour you will find, 3 Almond trees, 1 Gavilan, 1 Aceituno, and a majestic Ceibo; whose height offers a beautiful view of the river.
  • During the tour, the guests take 3 short walks that rise to more than 300 feet, accessible routes for walkers of all experiences.
  • In addition, the guides will choose a stop for a snack and water. Rest allows visitors a moment of connection with nature, stimulates the observation and learning of sounds of birds and insects in the forest.

Price $ 60 dollars per person


  • Minimum 2 pax.
  • The price is the same for children and adults.


  • We recommend bringing insect repellent, sunscreen, a light jacket depending on weather conditions.
  • Camera and water.
  • Please do not bring jewelry or valuables.

What to wear?

  • Long or short pants.
  • Shirt or shirt, preferably not short.
  • Boots or tennis.