Rafting Class 2 & 3


Very early in the morning from our facilities in Chilamate de Sarapiquí, only 90 minutes from San José, plans for a great day are made: We start with preparing all the necessary equipment such as clothes, water and adjust the bicycles for each member of the group and finally a small talk about the route we are about to take.

When everyone is ready, a guide takes the lead to indicate the correct route, we only travel a kilometer along paved roads before entering dirt and gravel roads where the rest of the tour takes place.

Depending on the weather conditions and the physical condition of the group, we will take suitable routes that will take us each time to more rural places, and to parts of the forest where we will see animals such as the Congo monkey, the White-headed, iguanas, insects, butterflies and all kinds of birds . We will also enjoy rivers and streams that give us the possibility to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Much of the route will depend on the physical condition of the group, because to reach the peak of the mountains, having a great physical condition is necessary. In addition, alternative routes go through pineapple plantations, palm plantations, pastures, and small communities. The duration of the tour will depend completely on the groups, in other words, when going through different routes it is possible to lengthen to shorten the route at any time, that is why, the responsibility of the guide is to talk with the group to maintain a monitoring Constant condition of all participants. Normally the tour lasts 1 hour and a half and can last longer depending on the weakest person in the group. The number of guides depends on the size of the group but there will always be a minimum of 2 guides. The guides are prepared and trained to solve any mechanical eventuality that may arise. The diversity and landscapes of Sarapiquí can be enjoyed in a variety of places. The bicycle tour invites us to enjoy the wonders of the area while practicing physical activities, keeping you healthy.



Price $ 60 dollars per person


  • Minimum 2 pax.
  • The price is the same for children and adults.


  • Use sunscreen, a hat (optional)
    • Apply the blocker moderately on the arms and on the front parts of the legs, back and neck. Do not apply on the back or thighs because in contact with the water it will become very slippery and increase the risk of falling off the raft; Do not apply on the forehead, because on contact with water it can fall on the eyes and cause irritation in the eyes, which will affect their visibility.
    • If you prefer, you can bring a hat to use under the helmet.
    • If you bring glasses, you must have some system to hold on, like a cord.
  • Anti-water camera, water bottle.
  • Please do not bring jewelry or valuables because you could lose them in the river.

What to wear?

  • Long or short pants.
  • Shirt or shirt, preferably not short.
  • Boots or tennis.