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Rafting Class 4


The walk begins in the village La Virgen de Sarapiquí, one of the most important communities in the area. The tour takes us through a beautiful stretch of the river, full of excellent rapids of crystal clear water and beautiful poses, all surrounded by an exquisite natural beauty. This is a special tour for those who do Rafting for the first time, and also for those who are looking for a challenge.

In order to take the tour, the minimum age for children is 9, and in older adults, it is important to take into account their experience and physical condition. We do not recommend that people over 60 participate in this tour. The complete tour (La Virgen-Chilamate) lasts approximately 3 hours, and covers a distance of 16 kilometers (10 miles). This tour includes a stop halfway to enjoy a fruit snack.

Price $ 99 dollars per person


  • Minimum 2 pax.
  • The price is the same for children and adults.


  • Use sunscreen, a hat (optional)
    • Apply the blocker moderately on the arms and on the front parts of the legs, back and neck. Do not apply on the back or thighs because in contact with the water it will become very slippery and increase the risk of falling off the raft; Do not apply on the forehead, because on contact with water it can fall on the eyes and cause irritation in the eyes, which will affect their visibility.
    • If you prefer, you can bring a hat to use under the helmet.
    • If you bring glasses, you must have some system to hold on, like a cord.
  • Anti-water camera, water bottle.
  • Please do not bring jewelry or valuables because you could lose them in the river.

What to wear?

  • Women: swimsuits, shorts and shirts, preferably with sleeves to protect from the sun.
  • Men: Trousers and shirt.
  • Everyone should use shoes, among the options, mooring sandals, water shoes or tennis shoes.